The POOH community is a movement driven by leaders from various online communities. They have taken initiative in developing POOH’s future. You can find these projects on twitter with hashtag #poohcrew. Here is a list of some of the products or communities.

Please DYOR and exercise caution with all community-based projects. These links are not endorsements.



  • POOHChat.com – POOH CHAT was designed to gather all people who want to help the coin ecosystem and share their ideas about new projects and better understanding of the coin.


  • POOH Money Discord – Community discussion around POOH
  • POOH Community Twitter – Twitter account supporting POOH. Pooh Money Community Twitter
  • POOH Money Reddit – Reddit community supporting POOH. One BEAR to BULL THEM ALL! $Pooh #1 upcoming memecoin!
  • POOH Coin Reddit – Reddit community supporting POOH. A subreddit for sharing, discussing, buying, and holding POOH. Where Honey Meets Money!


  • 100 Aiker Moon – An NFT collection with 10% royalty going towards the purchase of POOH, created by 100 Aiker Moon Club.
  • Pooh’s Worldwide Acre is an NFT collection that merges the concept of nationalities with flags in a captivating manner while being an extension of the main project “Pooh’s Crew” NFT collection. Created by Net NFT