POOH CREW – NFT Collection

Auction Mint Details

POOH’s are rare – only 5,000 are available.

1 POOH can be minted every 24 hours.

Auction mint is run on Nouns DAO Launcher.

POOH NFTs s are backed by an ETH treasury.

1 POOH auctioned per day until 5,000 POOHs are minted. POOHs are provable rare digital reputation PFP that on-boards new contributors to the POOH ecosystem, rewarding existing builders and empowering DAO coordination and growth. POOH’s are backed by an ETH treasury and controlled by the POOH Crew DAO.

POOH Crew NFT contract address

POOH CREW NFT Collection

Expect Nothing. Expect Surprises.

5,000 POOH’s

66 Traits

1 POOH Daily

ETH Backed

Built on Ethereum


Unique profile pictures for an extraordinary community of POOH holders, backed by a growing treasury.


66 Unique Traits

Each POOH in the NFT Collection contains a digital signature – making each one special and unique.

Scroll to view limited samples of these traits.

Most NFTs Promote $POOH Token


Unique Colors


Background Accessories


Next Level POOH Attire

It’s a POOH Party

The POOH Crew NFT Collection is your digital identity.
Access POOH Crew gated communities and experiences in the future.


When you get a POOH Crew NFT, you’re not simply buying a PFP or a provably-rare piece of art. You are gaining membership to a community that focuses on positivity and friendship. Your POOH NFT will serve as your digital identity and open digital doors for you. POOH NFTs are backed by a treasury of assets that will grow over time and collectively controlled by the DAO


POOH NFTs are launched via Nouns Builder. POOH in the metaverse, POOH merchandise, POOH branded honey, anything. POOH Crew NFTs and his likeness fall under Public Domain in all countries. All NFTs in the POOH Crew Collection are free use and may be used freely by the owner .


Rare POOHs


Unique Traits


POOH Per Day

Ready to Mint and Join the POOH Crew?

Auction mint is now live and run through Nouns Builder.

POOH Crew Smart Contracts

You can find the latest information on the Nouns Builder protocol on Github. Upgrades to these smart contract can be completed by submitting a proposal to the POOH Crew DAO, and requires a successful vote to execute.