Where Honey Meets Money


POOH launched stealth with no presale, zero taxes, 95% supply in LP at launch, keys burnt and contract renounced. $POOH is for the people – forever.


The most recognizable bear in the world claimed his rightful place on the charts. Now he’s leading the charge on a life changing bull market with the POOH Universe.

Built on Ethereum


POOH is supported on popular DeFi wallets like MetaMask

POOH is Available Worldwide

POOH is for you

No taxes, no nonsense.
Simple tokenomics make POOH sustainable & deflationary for the long term.
$POOH is the governance token for the entire POOH Universe.


POOH is a decentralized community movement that people can smile about! Leaders from various online communities will allocate resources toward the development of POOH’s future. Anyone with skills or time can contribute as part of a group or on their own to help advance POOH.

Trust & Transparency

95% of POOH was sent to the Uniswap liquidity pool at launch, LP tokens were burnt, and contract was renounced! 5% was allocated to centralized exchanges for listing. The mission is for POOH to grow, survive and develop organically. Everyone gets an equal chance to own POOH.


Total Supply


Locked Forever


Community Driven

Ready to buy a few POOH?

Download an Ethereum wallet like MetaMask. It’s free on the app store or google play. Desktop users can download the MetaMask chrome extension.

Next Steps

Buying POOH

Make sure your wallet has ETH. Buy ETH directly on Metamask or transfer it from another wallet or exchange.

Go to Uniswap. Connect your wallet and paste in the POOH contract address, select POOH and confirm. MetaMask will then prompt you for confirmation.

Swap ETH for POOH. Default Uniswap settings are fine so no need to adjust slippage settings.

Vibe and Chill.

Questions? Visit the MetaMask FAQ or Uniswap FAQ

A simple mission

Make POOH the most widely held meme coin.

Sound crazy? Dog coins combined have over 5 million wallets holding a balance.

Together, we can easily beat that!

Mission Control

POOH has reached escape velocity


Where we’re going, we don’t need roads

1. Create

2.Stealth Launch

3.Grow Holders


Join the #POOHcrew and help build the future of POOH

Driven by the community

Expect Nothing. Expect Surprises.

Launch & Promotion

  • Launch POOH on Uniswap and other popular decentralized exchanges.
  • Announce POOH on social media channels like Twitter and Discord and crypto forums like Bitcoin Talk and Reddit
  • Early adopters are incentivized and rewarded for being early and then helping spread the word.
  • Approach influencers and crypto publications to promote and build awareness of POOH.
  • List on popular price tracking websites like Coinmarketcap and CoinGecko.

Community Building & Expansion

  • Engage with the POOH community through social media channels
  • Advocate for others to start their own POOH-focused community
  • Recommend top mobile apps and web wallets support POOH for easy access
  • Expand the use cases of POOH through partnerships with merchants or integration with other DeFi projects

Long-Term Sustainability & Growth

  • Continuously expand POOH availability to incentivize holding and reduce volatility
  • Diversify supporting teams and allocate resources towards further development and marketing efforts
  • Explore new opportunities for growth, such as launching on additional exchanges or integrating with other blockchain networks
  • Foster a strong and dedicated community to ensure long-term sustainability and growth of POOH
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